Universités et Écoles aux Yokohama, Japon

Les Meilleures Universités et Écoles aux Yokohama, Japon 2019

Les universités et les écoles de commerce à Yokohama. Trouvez toutes les informations sur les universités les mieux classées à Yokohama ici, et contactez-les directement!

4 Résultats en Yokohama

Yokohama Design College

Japon Yokohama April 2019

YDC, Yokohama Design College, is one of leading Vocational schools to teach Designs, also famous in Japan for high level Japanese Education.


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The IMPM is an International Program for Managers that leads to a Masters Degree. The core program is a set of five modules of 10 days each that take place over 18 months, organized by managerial mindsets.

Keio Business School (Graduate School of Business Administration, Keio University)

Japon Yokohama April 2019

The Graduate School of Business Administration, also known as the Keio Business School, was established in 1978. The same year, we replaced our one-year graduate program with a two-year MBA degree program, the first in Japan. Since then, we have nurtured contemporary business leaders through our practice-oriented education using the case study method, in line with Keio’s founding philosophy of practical learning. In 1991, we added a doctoral program to train professional r… [+] esearchers in business administration. [-]